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empowering each girl to curate a life she loves




To empower each girl to curate a life she loves, by creating opportunity through knowledge sharing and representation. 


We seek to become a sustainable program and facility that guides girls to become empowered leaders with a powerful vision for their future by celebrating and promoting excellence in all areas of life. 


The variety of petals attached to the women's symbol represent each girl and how we are all different yet rooted together in our femininity. Cupid's arrow is symbolic for "love", which we all know is the most powerful force. From here you have She Loves, a complete sentence as stated, yet can keep the phrase going by adding anything you are passionate about to the end. 

Fashion x Philanthropy


stylish merchandise promoting self love.



Enjoying the Journey

Keamber Andry is a professional therapist by day and Founder // Executive Director of She Loves even in her sleep. Being a jack of all trades comes full circle by way of the organization, She Loves, whose mission is empowering each girl to curate a life she loves by creating opportunity through knowledge sharing and representation. Thanks to Keamber’s empathetic nature, innate passion for moving the culture forward, life experiences, philanthropic work and academic achievement she was able to create a lifestyle program focusing on health, society, education and vocation.

Keamber holds a bachelors of science in psychology from the University of New Orleans. Throughout her undergrad career she interned for a multitude of non profit and mental health agencies in New Orleans.


As a New Orleans native mixed with military brat, Keamber has seen the good, bad, ugly and beauty of the world that creates culture and has helped her shape and define her purpose. 


Today Keamber is busy furthering her education, achieving her personal goals, establishing herself as a community leader and catalyst for change. She is selfless and determined to push the culture forward not only in her hometown New Orleans but black and brown communities,  women and girl gangs everywhere. Most importantly she’s enjoying the journey!