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She Loves Presents:

Love Out Loud Leadership and Development Workshop


Love Out Loud Leadership and Development Workshop is an original She Loves initiative.

In true She Loves fashion, participants will be empowered! Our workshops echo a self love journey! 

Participants are sure develop a new found sense of self, increase confidence, sharpen leadership skills, learn self care tips and proper hygiene, form meaningful bonds and gain a host of life skills. Each day is inspiring and a filled with opportunity. Whether the girls are connecting with their peers, learning a new skill or connecting with our guests, growth is always happening! We meet the girls on their level and serve as a guide and safe space for them to flourish and leave with a new found readiness for the next stage in their lives.


Overview  We teach our girls life skills, healthy self care habits, goal setting + achieving techniques. We introduce our girls to a variety of career paths through high level, expert guests. We have carefully curated our curriculum to reflect positive improvement in participants behavior, social and emotional intelligence.

Each session maintains a consistent schedule of daily activities based on the week's theme. Weekend sessions may function as individual workshops but are most impactful when attended consecutively, as the lessons carry on to the next week. Our workshops echo a self love journey!  -Keamber Andry, Founder.





Love Out Loud 2022 

Week 1: ME VS. ME (self awareness) 

Saturday June 25th, Sunday June 26th

  • Who am I?

  • Exploring interests, Embracing uniqueness

  • Initial assessment for mentor pairing

  • Begin Vision boards 

  • Dance class with guest celebrity dancer/ instructor

  • Media literacy - Healthy self image


Week 2: Love your selfie (self love vs. self care) 

Saturday July 2nd, Sunday July3rd

  • How do I love myself?

  • Comparing and practicing self love and self care

  • Introducing health and wellness

  • Encouraging body positivity and positive self talk

  • Discussing routines and healthy habits 

  • Increasing self awareness and self worth

  • Special guests: Hygiene and beauty experts

  • Guided Self portraits (love your selfie) with professional photographer


Week 3: REAL-ationships (navigating close relationships) 

Saturday July 9th, Sunday July 10th

  • How do I show up in my world?

  • Discussing and defining respect

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • family, friends, teachers, mentors etc...

  • Forming and maintaining meaningful bonds - team building activities

  • Understanding our emotions and exploring regulation skills

  • Expressing yourself through healthy modes of communication

  • Expressing yourself through healthy outlets - fashion, art, writing, music.

  • Special guests:Beauty and Fashion experts.

  • Special guests: authors, creatives.

Week 4: COMMUNITY CARE (community service project) 

Saturday July 16th, Sunday July 17th

  • How can I impact the world around me?

  • Develop a sense of purpose

  • Discuss and identify qualities of a leader 

  • Community involvement action plan and field trip

  • Importance of service

  • Special guests: Community leaders 

  • Women’s History lesson with special guest Historian and culture bearer

Week 5: GOAL GETTER (setting goals with a plan)

Saturday July 23rd , Sunday July 24th

  • What a life that I love looks like... (presentation)

  • She Loves original dream catcher vision board completion 

  • Learning to reflect and release to make room for what’s next - Release activity

  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting (learning what it is and how to do it)

  • Setting intentions and personal goals for the upcoming school year with a guided plan for success

Sunday, July 24th,

End of Summer Awards Brunch

family and friends are encouraged to attend

With Love, 

She Loves 

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