She Loves Presents:

Love Out Loud Leadership and Development Workshop


Love Out Loud Leadership and Development Workshop is an original She Loves initiative. Participants will be introduced to new opportunities through knowledge sharing and representation. This curriculum has been carefully curated to serve as individual workshops OR as a cumulative program, where skills taught in previous session prepare participants for the session to follow. Each session has its very own life lessons in development and leadership. Participants will have tangible items to take home in which they can reflect upon and commemorate each session with. We engage our girls at their level, drawing from their interests and treating them as partners in their development. At the center of our curriculum are soft skills (interpersonal and behavioral), Social emotional learning lessons and life skills. The goal is to enable our girls to become powerful leaders with a powerful vision for their future. They will leave with a new found readiness and confidence for the next stage of their lives (middle school, high school, college, etc.) In addition to a support system at She Loves to lean on, as they curate a life they love. 


Overview  Each session will maintain a consistent schedule of daily activities that will be structured based on that week's theme. This means, for example we will always have a daily guests but the selected guest speaker will be relevant to the theme/topic of the week, or we will always incorporate an art/ reading activity, still, relevant to the week’s theme/topic.

Love Out Loud 2021 

Week 1: Freedom

Saturday June 19th, Sunday June 20th

  • Discussing and defining “Freedom”

  • Celebrating Juneteenth

  • Learning value based decision making skills

  • Exploring interests, Embracing uniqueness

  • Initial assessment for mentor pairing

  • Dance class with guest dance teacher

  • Paint party with guest artist

  • “I feel free when…”


Week 2: Self Esteem

Saturday June 26th, Sunday June 27th

  • Introducing health and wellness

  • Encouraging body positivity and positive self talk

  • Increasing self awareness and self worth

  • Media literacy - Healthy self image

  • Dance class with guest dance teacher

  • Pretty(tea) party


Week 3: Self Love vs. Self Care

Saturday July 3rd, Sunday July 4th

  • Comparing and practicing of self love and self care

  • Creating a happiness routine

  • Building healthy habits

  • Develop sense of purpose

  • Discussing and defining respect

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Making self care products with special guest

  • Self defense class with instructor


Week 4: Self Expression

Saturday July 10th, Sunday July 11th

  • Women’s History lesson with special guest Historian and culture bearer

  • Learning to accept yourself as you are

  • Knowing and embracing uniqueness

  • Expressing yourself through hair, beauty and fashion

  • Special guest hair beauty and fashion gurus

  • Guided Self portraits (love your selfie) with professional photographer

  • New Orleans historic Tingon headwraps 


Week 5: Sisterhood

Saturday July 17th , Sunday July 18th

  • Developing personal traits that shape how you work with others

  • Forming and maintaining meaningful bonds

  • Identifying the importance of friendships

  • Team building activities

  • Effective communication skills

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Understanding Integrity

  • Media literacy - Discussing and defining bullying on and offline

  • Friendship resumes + flower crowns

  • Group and 1 on 1 youth life coach session with a certified coach


Week 6: Reflect, let go and GROW.

Saturday July 24th, Sunday July 25th

  • Learning to Reflect and release to make room for what’s next.. GROWTH

  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting (learning what it is and how to do it)

  • Setting intentions and personal goals for the upcoming school year with a guided plan for success (the pink print)

  • Learning to let go of what does not serve us – Release activity

  • Understanding our emotions and exploring regulation skills

  • Release activity

  • She Loves signature dream catcher vision boards

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