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“What we water grows” Supporting She Loves becomes a fulfilling experience for everyone involved. As we serve girls we are inevitably creating full circles and positively impacting the community we love. She Loves is a mission based community initiative meaning we work together to achieve the vision that will positively impact our community as a whole.



Our Mentorship program includes a network of women professionals, considered experts in their respective fields. Representation matters. We aim to show girls their goals are in reach, give them someone to relate to and realistic motivation to shoot for the stars. Shared perspectives of our mentors and mentees allow room for
growth in all participants as well as a source of support on their individual journey. Send us an email; with Shero in the subject line to discuss
becoming a Shero!



The more support the greater the impact, therefore, we encourage suggestions and connections. Our programs, events and team grows simultaneously. Positive influences, hard workers and smart workers are more than welcomed. If you are looking to give back with your time and effort send us an email; with Volunteer in the subject line to discuss volunteer


Contributions are greatly appreciated and no contribution is too small. Our donors may not be able to show up in person but support our initiatives enough to help fund them. Monetary and in-kind donations are always accepted. For in-kind donations, updated materials list will follow event and program announcements.Click on our donations tab to donate today!



Service Donations are definitely a plus! When a business invests in their community it shows the appreciation and dedication it has towards their consumers. We are
always planning activities for the girls or fundraising events that will help grow the organization and with this planning comes a need to bring food, venue, arts and services of every avenue together for a cause. We are so fond of the businesses that have supported She Loves mission and would love to add to the list of businesses that our girls and families should patronize. If you are a business owner looking to
contribute to our organization’s events and programs, Please email us today ! , Sponsor in the subject line.

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